PIC BY LOUISE BELLAERS/MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: John Siddle 72 with his wife Chris Siddle 71 from Earley in Reading, Berkshire and his victorian Christmas Tree.) A grandad-of-six claims to own the oldest artificial Christmas tree in the world, which has been in his family for around 150 years.
John Siddle from Reading, Berks, says the 18-inch tree has been passed down the generations since it was first purchased with tea coupons by his great-grandmother sometime in the 1870s.
The 72-year-old’s grandmother Eliza Holland – born in 1880 – remembers decorating the tree as a small child, by which time it had already been in the family for some years.
The miniature tree is adorned with ornaments collected by members of John’s family over the last century, including a wooden wishbone and one of the first plastic fairies available in the shops.
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