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To become a volunteer of the foundation, simply register on the website. Our volunteer managers will offer you the option of volunteering that suits you best.
Do you have your own transport that can be used for assistance?
What time are you ready to help?
Are you ready to become an online friend, spread and support the Foundations ideas and mission in social networks?
Are you determined to do good things, but still not sure where to start?
Being a volunteer today is relevant, modern and necessary.

Our team of volunteers is cheerful, optimistic, sincere, energetic people of different ages, united by the desire to change the world for the better. We invite you to join us!
We are currently assisted by more than 750 volunteers. But every day the Foundation takes under its care more and more low-income single elderlies who need the participation and support of caring people.

By helping people in need, we not only give, but also receive a lot:
  • Positive emotions
  • Feeling of dignity
  • Multiplication of good
  • Bringing in even more help
  • A sense of fulfilled duty
  • Happy smiles
It is very easy to become a volunteer of the "Let's help" Foundation! It does not require a lot of time and effort. You can do what you love and help with it. For example, a great idea is charity fundraising at public events. You can help with money transfers, knowledge, skills, transport, interesting ideas or your own time.
Our volunteers provide a variety of assistance:
  • Buying tickets for charity screenings for pensioners at the "Zhovten" cinema;
  • Coming to lonely elderlies to play chess, checkers or dominoes;
  • Delivering grocery sets to the seniors in need;
  • Providing their own transportation for trips;
  • Conducting video and photo shooting of our events;
  • Organising masterclasses for care recipients in geriatric boarding houses (painting, sculpting, needlework);
  • Helping to collect information about geriatric facilities;
  • These are caring journalists who talk about the lives of seniors in geriatric boarding houses;
  • These are stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists who "give beauty" to our wards for free as part of the "GIVE A GIFT OF BEAUTY " project;
  • These are the employees of large and small companies, who as a whole team do good deeds: they prepare gifts for lonely pensioners for the holidays, visit geriatric boarding houses, organize Saturday parties.
The Foundation has three directions in which we attract volunteers:
  • Help for single elderlies who live in geriatric boarding houses or on their own.
  • Help in the organization of weekly charity film screenings for pensioners at the "Zhovten" cinema.
  • Assistance in the collection and delivery of food sets for old women (in cities that were under occupation).
Being our volunteer does not mean being available 24/7. Our volunteer provides assistance free of charge, but only at a convenient time and for as many hours as possible. During registration on the website, the volunteer fills out a questionnaire in which he notes this information. We attract volunteers according to their interests, capabilities and wishes.

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