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Let's help is the most systematic fund in the field of geriatrics in Ukraine. For more than 8 years, we have been comprehensively creating decent living conditions and quality services for people of retirement age within the framework of the "Dignified old age" program. We are advocates for aging in society.

We really know the state of geriatrics in Ukraine and we have a plan of actions.
The system needs changes that depend on us. Old age is what awaits each of us. Now we have to make sure that it is dignified. After all, dignity has no age.

Our experience shows that joint projects with partners are a great way to publicly declare the company's social responsibility, draw public attention to existing problems in this area and solve them.
In December 2022, Let's help received an award from Volodymyr Zelenskyi for a significant personal contribution to the provision of volunteer assistance and the development of the volunteer movement, in particular during the implementation of measures to ensure the defense of Ukraine, the protection of the safety of the population and the interests of the state in connection with the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and overcoming its consequences.

In addition, the Let's help fund:
- Has the status of a monitor of the National Preventive Mechanism under the Commissioner for Human Rights;
- Cooperates with the NGO "Bezbariernist" under the patronage of Olena Zelenska;
- Participates in the development of the state policy strategy on healthy and active longevity and other NPAs aimed at changing the culture of aging.

Award of the President of Ukraine "Golden Heart"
  • 1
    A joint project within the company's corporate social responsibility program
    One of the options is team building in the format of a trip to a geriatric boarding house. The shared experience of good deeds will bring the team together much stronger than standard events and trainings.
  • 2
    Constant support of the fund's projects
    If you are determined for long-term cooperation with the Foundation, we can offer you financial support for one or more of our projects, or to develop a joint charity project.
  • 3
    Joint charitable actions
    This is probably the most effective method of solving social problems. From large charity auctions to targeted collection of funds and items - you can choose any type of activity. We will help with the idea and suggest the actual needs of the elderly.
  • 4
    Corporate activities involving company employees
  • 5
    Marketing activities involving the company's customers
    A good option is charity instead of souvenirs. What could be better than giving employees or customers participation in a charity project instead of standard cups and pens?
Financial support of a fund or a specific project within your CSR;
Support of the fund's projects with a joint fundraising campaign
For example, from each purchase or payment for the services of your company, a certain amount (for example: 5, 10, 20 $) will be transferred to help the wards of the fund;
Joint corporate volunteer activity
For example, instead of a corporate party, company employees can transfer funds to support the Fund projects or prepare holiday gifts for our elderlies;
Support with equipment or other goods that are necessary for our care recipients;
Charity auctions for the benefit of the fund's care recipients and other joint fundraising events;
Pro bono services in the direction of marketing and PR activities of the fund.
We really need your support in the implementation of social projects, so that as many interested people as possible learn about them and get involved.
Contact us and together we will choose a suitable project for you!

It's easy to help if you do it together!

Let's change the lives of the senior citizens in Ukraine together!
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