VolunKids meet their old friends

Friends, we continue telling you about our trips! Today our story will be about our little helpers and how they visited a retirement home in Gornostaypil village. Some of our little friends were there for the second time, and some of them experienced the communication with lonely old pensioners for the first.
The kids entertained the oldies with their small concert. Mary and her brother Vadim prepared a special performance for them. The girl played the Ukrainian instrument ‘bandura’, and the boy sang the Ukrainian folk songs. The concert turned out to be very emotional and touched some of the oldies.
Elderly recalled their own children, grandchildren or their childhood. They lack attention. They want someone to impart their wisdom and life experience. But they don’t have anyone to share it with. So they look forward to such all such visits.
We sincerely thank our little volunteers and all our supporters who joined this trip!