Meeting the elderly from Gruzke village

“Beyond the hills, over wide seas, against skies and tillage, lived an old man in village.” Remember this wondrous tale by Pyotr Yershov “The Humpbacked Horse”? Friends, last week we were fortunate enough to meet with the grandson of writer – Vadim Yershov, who has also followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and devoted himself to the writing. He has cerebral palsy, but that didn’t stop him in life. Mr. Yershov, being 80 years old, lives in the village Gruzke, among 22 other elderly, in a retirement home. What is even more incredible is that he still leads an active life and helps different writers with inspiring advice in the field of literature!

When we visit elderly, we always feel two very different emotions: pain and pleasure. It pains to see how they live. It pains that they are alone. But, after having a talk, we feel a real pleasure from the wisdom, life experience, hope and faith. We can spend hours listening to their stories: about life, war, family…

To have a future, it is necessary to take care of your past! So we invite you, our caring friends, next time to go to the oldies together! Take the kids, goodies, and off to our elderly!