In a heartwarming company of our Orlovka village friends

Yesterday we have visited a retirement home which is located in the Orlovka village. There are tons of different life stories pervading this home. For example, Mrs Maria and Mr Vladimir have met here and, as they say, it was the love at first sight. They have married here and now they are taking care about each other. It is completely not possible not to admire this heartbreaking couple. They show everyone that love has no boundaries. Isn’t it a true miracle?! Such romantic stories do really happen! When you’re alone, and think that you have nothing and almost all your life is behind, fate gives you the most important gift in the world – love! There are 27 lonely elderly people living in the nursing home. They are kind and generous. We have spent a great time with them, talked and listened to their life stories. We brought them some sweets that they love so much. We have also given out them the diapers, detergents and washing powder they need so much. They have given us their most sincere smiles and hugs. They didn’t let us go empty handed and we were treated with their homemade patties – they were the most delicious patties we have ever tried. Let’s help the lonely elderly people. They really need our attention!