Bon appetit, our dear grandpas and grannies!

Friends, yesterday we have made a surprise for lonely old folk from the retirement home of Pereyaslav! Do you recall our last visit to this home, when the elderly told us about their needs in cooking ware? We were shoked to see their ancient kitchen utensils, whose cooking possibilities seemed absolutely impossible! That’s why we have decided to make a little surprise for the elderly and brought them new kitchen utensils, new pots, pans, and other kitchen stuff. You cannot imagine with how much joy and happiness have shone the eyes of the pension’s residents when they were accepting our gifts!

So now, putting our hands on our hearts, we can fairly say: “Bon appetit, our dear grandpas and grannies!”. We are sincerely grateful to all our benefactors who have contributed to this wonderful matter and have helped to bring it to life!