The abandoned children

Little Irina has been waiting for two long weeks for her mother come home, while the woman has just decided to go on a drinking binge, so her stepfather brought the baby to the orphanage and told the administration to take the baby. The bitty angel with blue, sincere eyes…

Two-years-old Masha still weighs half a kilo and cannot even hold her head straight, and it is all due to her alcoholic parents – the child was already born with an alcohol syndrome. But her eyes are so understanding, with such a deliberate glance. Who will continue to care for the ill child? Who will need her?

Fifty little, defenseless and abandoned to the mercy of fate children, all with disabilities and with their own diagnoses and illnesses. In this institution they are taken care of, and somehow developed. But they can stay here only till they are 7 years old, and then, in the best case, they are transferred to the specialized institutions, where nobody is going to take care of them anymore. Tough fate it is, the fate of abandoned children with disabilities. They need our attention and assistance.

This time we brought kiddies:

– all necessary medications;

– sweets;

– cookies and candies;

– new developing toys;

– clothing.