Life in the forest kingdom

The trip of ICF team “Let’s help!” 06/12/2015 to the retirement home in Kiev. Today, the team of the ICF “Let`s help” visited the retirement home in Kiev. At first sight of staying the retirement home we were pleasantly surprised.

On 4 acres of forest,on the quiet area located retirement home. Here live 173 inhabitants. As deputy director told us “Here the life is just beginning.”
And indeed, the inhabitants of the retirement home, in age from 27 to 99 years, can read a book, the number of which, by the way, up to 8500, play chess or billiards, visit the gym or walk along the paths among the majestic pines.

As the director Antonina Mykhailivna told us, sometimes at the retirement home happens romantic stories, weddings and family dramas, and grandparents are more willing to read novels about love and detectives.
After a walk around the pension, we can say with confidence that this is indeed retirement home, an A student, because everything here looks so perfect, and the staff and employees treat with special responsibility and sincere love the inhabitants of the retirement home.

We wish good luck to the director and staff of the retiremant home in their difficult but such important work!
This time the team brought:

  • detergents and cleaning products
  • diapers