Lonely in the End

Let’s Help ICF team visit to the Institution for Elderly People in the Village of Prybirsk of the Region of Kyiv on April 8, 2015.

The institution takes care of 24 lonely pensioners. These people are very shy, they are ashamed and hurt to be in such a situation. They have no one to support them, take care of them or just talk with — their relatives have left them here to live the rest of their lives. That is why apart from the material aid we also give them moral support.

We brought some necessary things and just talked with the elderly people, found out about their problems and needs. This time the Fund’s team brought them the following:

  • Diapers for bedridden elderly people
  • Food — sweets, marmalade, bananas and paskas (Easter cakes)
  • Household chemicals — washing powder, detergents for washing the dishes and toilets.

Currently the elderly people’s home is in the urgent need of water purification system installed. Water in this area is highly polluted and dangerous, since the institution for elderly people is situated 20 km from Chornobyl. Our Fund starts working on implementation of this project.

We thank each of our benefactors for your contribution! Join the charity project and let’s help the lonely elderly people in Prybirsk together!