Animals Need Help!

Let’s Help ICF team visit to Sirius Homeless Animals Shelter in the Village of Fedorivka of the Region of Kyiv on April 8, 2015.

Sirius Shelter is the largest one in Ukraine and contains about 2,500 homeless animals as of today. During the years of operation starting from 2000, the staff members of the shelter have sterilised and found families for thousands of animals. You can see the working conditions in the photos — there is a great lack of personnel to take care of the animals.

shutterstock_110881364The shelter needs the material aid: animals are fed twice a day, ovens work day and night on firewood — so there is monthly need in huge amount of cereal (about UAH 12,000 per month) and constant need in firewood — one truck is enough for 5 days only. The staff works 15-18 hours a day, in the heat up to +40°C and frost to –25°C. There is no heating and lighting in the shelter. Equipment often breaks down due to such intensity, so the shelter urgently needs handcarts for carrying food.

It is obvious that animals here are truly loved and taken care of, but the shelter team needs our help badly. Each of us can help the shelter if he or she takes home at least one animal instead of spending money on some expensive breed. Currently the shelter urgently needs to finish construction of veterinary room. Our Fund wants to help implement this project. We thank each of our benefactors for your contribution! Join the charity project and let’s help the animals from Sirius Shelter together!

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