Fated for Another Life

Let’s Help ICF team visit to Institution for Disabled Persons in the Urban-Type Settlement of Ladyzhyn of the Region of Vinnytsia on April 21, 2015.

The institution takes care of 142 people aged from 6 to 38 years. All people in care are disabled of the 4th category with profound mental retardation, Down syndrome and infantile cerebral paralysis. During all our practice (some of us have about 10 years’ experience), we have seen nothing like that. Wheelchair-bound, unable to live without diapers and help of others, abandoned and forgotten by parents and families, left face to face with their despair and loneliness. It is hard to imagine what they feel left alone with their incurable disease.

However, they are so courageous and sincere that friendly open their hearts with a smile and gladly meet every guest. The cared intend to hug you, touch you or just hold your hand to get the warmth and attention they lack so much. This time the Fund’s team brought them the following:

  • Clothes for people in care (shorts, trousers and T-shirts)
  • Fruit and sweets.

Currently, the main need of the institution is the repairs of the 3rd building, which is in the state of emergency. We thank each of our benefactors for your contribution! Join the charity project and let’s help the disabled in Ladyzhyn together!