Balloons of joy

Today a little bit more love has joined the world of adults thanks to the heat that had filled filled the children’s hearts. While you, dear friends, have worked at your offices and done your job, we have spent our Tuesday in great company: we have visited our old little friends – kids from the «Prolisok» orphanage that live in the Vovchkiv village.

In addition to the goodies and most necessary stuff we have also brought the children the most important and most valuable things – communication, smiles and hugs. Even regular balloons could be a good toy for many kids. Hey, could you try and hold on the tip of your nose a balloon on a stick while dancing and singing? Well, our boys can – and with ease!

The kids really didn’t want to let us go. And we ourselves did not want to leave this place. But there was one more important thing to do as well.

On the way home we stopped at the post office to receive letters from the kids, which they wrote to St. Nicholas. And very soon, YOU – our amazing and the kindest people in the world, can become a real magicians and make each child’s dreams come true.
Wait for news! Coming soon! With faith in miracles!

P. S. We are sending you heartfull thanks, kisses and hugs from our kids!