Charity progect “Healthy and happy children” was held

In order to take care about the health of orphans, our foundation was given vitamins, compact nebulizers, first aid kits and sweets to 9 children’s homes, which is 500 young wards. We also decided to prepare for the new school year, 40 children who are in difficult life circumstances. For this, we bought and personally distributed to each child new school bags filled with everything necessary to ensure that kids have the opportunity to adequately study. All this was made possible not only through our efforts, but also the generous help of partners of the Fund, we express our sincere thanks to:
– “Kyiv Vitamin Factory” for providing multivitamins “Revit”
– “AB Pharma” with universal kit for children “Baby” with medcines
– Alexandr Abazher for giving sweets for children
– International specialized pharmaceutical corporation “Yuria Pharm”, which also joined the campaign and provided 18 Yulayzeriv for the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases in children
– Foundation “MAC” for delivery of medicines and gifts to orphanages
– Department of Juvenile prevention preventive management of the main department of the national police in the city. Kyiv for organizing a wonderful party for kids, which we were able to help children who are in difficult life circumstances