Children of the Sun or Down syndrome

  Let’s Help ICF team visit to Children rehabilitation department in the Town of Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi of the Region of Kyiv on May 8, 2015.

What is the age of death for people with Down syndrome in Ukraine? The answer is difficult and painful to give, but most of them do not live to their full age! Unfortunately, there are no necessary conditions for such people in our country. So why do people with Down syndrome work almost all their lives and die after the age of 60-70 abroad?

Because they receive respectful care and training to reach certain results and progress in their development. In the Town of Pereiaslav our team has got acquainted with Raisa Petrivna, a splendid director of the unique institution for disabled, who manages to find opportunities and sponsors to send her medical personnel to Munich for training — due to this fact the personnel is able to work effectively with ill children and develop them as much as possible. For example, there is a girl Nadiusha with the Down syndrome in this institution. For four years, she has been sitting under the table doing nothing, but after long years of hard work with Nadiushka, they have managed to reach fantastic results! The girl writes in perfect handwriting, reads, talks, gladly communicates and takes active part in all holiday performances and events. She is very good at drawing, makes interesting trifles and knits with beads. There are also many children with infantile cerebral paralysis, autism and other diagnoses in this institution. The personnel members intensify their efforts to work on children’s development,draw up special programmes, because ill children cannot study at common schools. They have school programmes installed on old computers according to their mental development level. By the way, they will be glad to have new computers, because theirs are too out of date. A talented psychologists works with children using innovative methodologies — for example, fairy-tale therapy. She has also settled a special relax-room that has really impressed us. With no funds the administration still tries to implement the most innovative programmes for ill children. We wish them inspiration and express our honor and respect for their work!