The meeting of the representatives of ICF “Let’s help” with volunteers
11-06-2015 15:15
11-06-2015 17:15

Today the representatives of ICF “Let’s help” will meet with the volunteers who wish to help and actively participate in the organization of charitable events. The meeting will be hold in the conference hall on the 3rd floor of the business center “Liga”. During the meeting will be discussed the following topics:

  • the purpose, mission, values ​​and history of the Fund
  • acquaintance with the founders and the management of the Fund
  • the key working principles of the Fund
  • the directions of work of the Fund
  • the projects of the Fund which the team works now at
  • the rules of coopetation with volunteers

Each participant will be able to ask any question and get all the necessary information.

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11-06-2015 15:15

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11-06-2015 17:15




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