Veselka Kraiin (Rainbow of countries) in IIR
19-11-2015 14:00
19-11-2015 18:00

“Veselka Kraiin” (“Rainbow of countries”) is an annual contest held in the Institute of International Relations, devoted to the Day of tolerance. Its main objective is the acquaintance with the culture of different countries and the appliance of the theoretical knowledge acquired by students in the Institute. The people’s choice award according to the rules is usually determined by the amount of charitable contributions collected by one of the teams. Commonly the money collected are sent to the orphanages, which are sponsored by the Institute. This year, in cooperation with the “Let’s help” Fund the collected money will be spent on a very urgent project “Orphans without heat.

We invite You to join our celebration and our good deeds!

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19-11-2015 14:00

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19-11-2015 18:00




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