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Let's support grandparents in the war with Russia

We are all living in a new reality.

The Russian Federation's insidious attack on Ukraine has made us even more determined, united, courageous and fearless.

We are uniting to help the Ukrainian armed forces, the Territorial Defence Forces and the Ukrainians, who suffer most from Russian aggression.

Single grandparents are now completely isolated in their homes. Without water, food and necessary support.
Many geriatric hostels are located in hot spots. Because of the blown-up of the bridges, they have no deliveries and are running out of medicine.
Culture is complicated. But we can influence it and help in any way we can.
We're starting a collection on the website.

The funds will be used for the purchase of food, medicine, hygiene, fuel and the transfer of volunteers to wards.

We need your support!
We will win on all fronts!

Glory to Ukraine! For our friends abroad, you can make a donate here:

For those in Ukraine: https://letshelp.com.ua/babysyaviyna

  • 04112 м. Київ, Україна, вул. Парково-Сирецька, 23
  • +38 (044) 221-61-21
  • office@letshelp.com.ua
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